A Most Beautiful Death

My dad rang on Monday afternoon to tell me that my gorgeous nana had deteriorated in the last 24 hours and it was predicted that she had only a couple of days to live. The divine timing of the day saw to it that my children had been taken out to go blueberry picking when … Continue reading A Most Beautiful Death


Trust, real Trust

When I got the cancer diagnosis about three months ago, the whole thing was aligned in such a way that I felt I had no choice but to accept the oncologist's recommendation of chemo for 6 months. I have two young children and there was not an instant when I considered other options. The diagnosis … Continue reading Trust, real Trust


The kids were packed off on a little holiday the other day and OMG, the relief was immense! Quiet, headspace, time! Ah. I didn't sit down for long - I had an urgent desire to de-clutter my own bedroom and accumulated bits and bobs. I'm great at keeping the kids' stuff sorted and I always … Continue reading Sorted

Lymph Love

Sometimes, when I go in for a chemo session, I bring in my Anatomy Colouring Book so can draw some of the diagrams. I liked the look of the lymph node because it reminded me of an Aboriginal landscape painting. Here's my lovely lymph node, all colourful and bright 🙂