Affected by the 8th

Had the questionnaire asked me 'Are you pregnant?', I would have answered, 'No'. But that wasn't the question. The question was, 'Is there any possibility at all that you are pregnant?' I don't see how any fertile woman who is sexually active, no matter what contraceptive precautions are being taken, can answer No to that question. Every … Continue reading Affected by the 8th

Navel Lake

'Your bellybutton is a lake on top of a mountain, Mommy,' my four-year-old boy remarked. I had announced after dinner that I was going to have a quiet bath with myself and some candles. It turned out that there were also jet skis and submarines in the water with me. My son was spot on … Continue reading Navel Lake


The kids were packed off on a little holiday the other day and OMG, the relief was immense! Quiet, headspace, time! Ah. I didn't sit down for long - I had an urgent desire to de-clutter my own bedroom and accumulated bits and bobs. I'm great at keeping the kids' stuff sorted and I always … Continue reading Sorted