Here’s the Deal

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What do you call it?

The Universe? The Mother? God? Goodness, Spirit? Truth? Allah, HaShem? The Light?

Whatever the name you choose, I’ve been having chats with it. It’s been a process that’s been unfolding for a couple of decades and has intensified over the last year, with particular focus in the last fortnight.  That’s when I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Cancer – a word I would never have dreamed to associate with myself.  I’m on chemo-therapy.  It’s so crazy. It’s crazy, crazy, crazy.

Throughout my spiritual journey, I’ve come to accept that I am a soul who is bigger and more vast than this one human life.  I am the creator of this human life – the painter, the artist.  Nothing can diminish my true, eternal existence.  Yet, I LOVE this human life that I have made.  I love everything about it. That’s why I want to continue living it until my children are grandparents.

So, God, I CHOOSE THIS LIFE.  I like to think that I can continue here if I choose this life consciously with trust, openness, love, acceptance and upmost respect. I CHOOSE THIS LIFE. I want it. I want to live.