Lymph Love

Sometimes, when I go in for a chemo session, I bring in my Anatomy Colouring Book so can draw some of the diagrams. I liked the look of the lymph node because it reminded me of an Aboriginal landscape painting. Here's my lovely lymph node, all colourful and bright 🙂


Woah, Dudes!

Woah, Dudes! That was intense! I'm just emerging from the latest Stoned Zone. After talking to my oncology nurse about it, I know that what I'm experiencing in my brain is the come-down from the steroids after each treatment. The Stoned Zone is really the main side-effect I'm encountering and it lasts for a few days out … Continue reading Woah, Dudes!

Wondrous Qi

On a Friday evening, I often drive across to Tipperary, over the latest incarnation of bridges that have connected Clare and Tipp across the Shannon River for 1,000 years. On the other side of the water, lives my darling friend, in whose loving presence I luxuriate and rest. She asks nothing of me and expects … Continue reading Wondrous Qi


I love meeting new people and making new friends. I get such a buzz out of the chat, hearing the stories of other people's lives and sharing some of mine.  I love the classic Irish approach to conversation. It's like a game where we find out as much as we can about a new person … Continue reading BFFs