Sacred Dawn

Irish Summer brightness wakes me up at about 4am, just when the birdies rise in body and voice. I'm not a bed-loller so I usually get up and have a few sacred hours to myself before the rest of the humans appear. Qigong to the soundtrack of The Dawn Chorus has become a very special part … Continue reading Sacred Dawn


Dinner Tonight

I've been grazing all day so I'm not particularly hungry. After three chemo treatments, I know that I need to control the nausea for a few days by consuming little and often.  I eat a small amount every 2-3 hours. Yesterday, a dear friend went up into the hills of East Clare to buy me … Continue reading Dinner Tonight

Patterns of the Subconscious

Part my work as a Breathwork practitioner is supporting clients to identify and appraise patterns of learned behaviour and perception.  Naturally, holding this cleansing space for others means that I am often assessing my own life.  This is one of the many benefits of being a practitioner. We are imagining and, over time, creating the space for our unlimited potential. For me, … Continue reading Patterns of the Subconscious


Do you need an excuse to rest? In our culture, busyness is revered. We must be seen to be productive and on our way to somewhere else, somewhere we are not.  Even going to a yoga class can be part of our desire to improve ourselves, get better, get fitter. I certainly feel that as … Continue reading Rest

The Stoned Zone

This is my third post of the day because I've been storing up ideas since the weekend. I'm in my 'week off' at the moment (I'll have chemo next week and every fortnight) but even so, it hasn't been an externally productive week.  Reason being, that I've been inhabiting what I'm now calling The Stoned … Continue reading The Stoned Zone