Well, 'tis done. I had my last chemo treatment 10 days ago and mentally speaking, I have moved on. My body is following at its own pace. Its wisdom adjusts to a new harmony every day. I want to thank you all from very deep within myself for witnessing this journey in whatever form. For … Continue reading Conclusion


Inner Vision

Aw lads! Me eyes! They get extremely itchy and irritated at the first sign of fatigue now. I can't look at screens for more than a minute at a time. Artificial light is bothersome (I guess lashes are good for filtering light as well has dust-catching). Husband did a bit of research and read that … Continue reading Inner Vision

Life without Lashes

Have you ever tried life without eyelashes? I wouldn't recommend it. Itchy and irritated eyeballs are not pleasant. Fridge-cold cucumber slices are nice for soothing the eyelids. But the effect only lasts as long as you have your green gourd specs on. Then it's back to discomfort. Husband cleverly suggested replacing the dust-catching effect of … Continue reading Life without Lashes


What is it that women most desire? This has been the central puzzle of many tales and legends throughout the ages. Geoffrey Chaucer allocates the question to The Wife of Bath on her medieval pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral. In her prologue, The Wife introduces herself as a woman who has been married five times. She … Continue reading Sovereignty

Navel Lake

'Your bellybutton is a lake on top of a mountain, Mommy,' my four-year-old boy remarked. I had announced after dinner that I was going to have a quiet bath with myself and some candles. It turned out that there were also jet skis and submarines in the water with me. My son was spot on … Continue reading Navel Lake